Current sales locations


Government Liquor Stores

All of these locations carry our Limoncello product now.

More products will be there soon. Ask the manager if you

 don't see our Limoncello on the shelf.




Westwood Centre



Walnut Grove

39th & Cambie


Victoria Westshore


Penticton Plaza

Prince George Pine Centre

Kelowna Mission Park 

Private Liquor Stores

Legacy Liquor Stores: 1633 Manitoba

Burrard Public House: St John's Street Port Moody

List of Farm Markets in Spring 2019

The list will be updated as dates are confirmed so, check back.  Please let us know if there are any markets near you that you would like us to attend.

Current Deals and Promotions

New Products in 2019

We will shortly be adding several new products in 2019.  Exactly when will be the decision of our Still Master.  On the list is a new vodka  that is currently being aged in local, toasted, cherry wood. As well, we are now carrying "The Spirit of Tea" premium gin "Earl Grey" and liqueur "Vanilla Rooibos". 


Is your product produced in BC?

Yes but some of the flavourings are obtained from products grown elsewhere.  All of the additives are produced from raw products and do not have any artificial ingredients.

Are all of your products available at the Government Liquor stores?

No, not all products and not all stores.  Our most popular product Limoncello is available at the above listed Government store and additional products are available all of the private liquor stores. Others products and stores will be added soon.  If you like our products you can ask us to approach your local liquor store to see if they can add it to their shelves. 

Are discounts available to the public?

No, unfortunately the rules don't allow it but, licensed liquor stores, restaurants, and pubs are able to buy our products by the case at wholesale prices.

Can I have your products delivered?

Yes you can and for case volume orders we will cover the delivery costs .  Contact Ian at

 604 961 0326

Can I arrange for a customized product to be made for me?

Yes you can.  Please call and speak to Ian at 604 961 0328.

Tasting Room

We  have recently added a tasting room and will be staffing it shortly.  It is currently available by request only.