Anderson DIstilleries prides itself in producing all of our products from scratch. We perform all fermentation and distillation in our distillery. We never use artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners. We extract all our flavourings from plant material in-house. Our Liqueurs are much less sweet than industry standards. Typically we will use less than 30% of the sugar normally used. Our Creme De'Cafe uses no sugar at all. All our liqueurs are 20% ABV. Our Gin and Vodka products are 40%ABV and contain no sweetener. 

Our Montague series is for professionals. This series consists of unsweetened, concentrated versions of our liqueurs. We bottle these at 60%Abv to 75%Abv. 

During the COVID 19 problems we are using our alcohol to make hand sanitizer 


Custom Distillation

Custom Distillation Services

We provide custom, small batch, distillation services. This service is available for orders as small as a single batch. A typical batch will produce around 100 liters of finished product. At Anderson Distilleries we designed our equipment with enough flexibility to reproduce almost any traditional and modern distillation process. If you can find the ingredients, chances are pretty good that I can make it for you.  

Anderson Distilleries is well equipped to create novel products. This could be anything from a one-off special for a large wedding, a custom house-gin exclusive to your restaurant, a ready to serve cocktail to save your bartenders time when pouring drinks, a themed drink for your gallery opening, to a reproduction of a  traditional moonshine from your grandparents home town in Siberia. In general we do not try to re-create products readily available in Canada. It is invariably cheaper to buy the existing product. 

A few of our clients contract us to produce products under their own label. The Spirit of Tea (TSOT) is our flagship example. First, we worked with TSOT to develop two unique tea-based spirits. TSOT then  developed the packaging, marketing and market placement strategies. Anderson Distilleries handles the manufacturing, logistics, and licencing.    

We have found that we are particularly good at reproducing obscure folk-liquors from around the world. A 'folk-liquor' is a distilled beverages with limited, if any, present-day commercial production. Folk-liquors tend to be traditional to a very limited geographical region. typically they are an outgrowth of a single province or town's local moonshining culture

We have produced a Schochu in the traditional style of late Tokugawa-era Hokkaido. We have also made an Arak in the rural Lebanese style. One of my personal favorite projects was to recreate Creme d' Cassis according to a client's grandmother's recipe. The first step was recreating a base spirit in the style of Soviet era moonshine from Irkutsk. Most recently we created a Tsipuro for a group of friends who wanted something more traditional than what was available to them in Canada. 

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