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Welcome to Anderson Distilleries


Our most recent additions to our line of products


Due to COVID 19, our facility has currently been devoted to the production of HAND SANITIZER for residents and organizations in the greater Vancouver area.
We have adequate supplies of our beverage products in stock for all your requests in our liquor store.


A twist on tradition

Golden Gin has become one of our signature products. Golden gin is one of the ways Anderson Distilleries can show off our unique talents. On paper there is nothing special about Golden Gin the ingredients list is completely unremarkable. What makes it extraordinary is the work of the still master. 

The flavour is infused in a single distillation with two segments. The first is the ascending gin basket vapour infusion. This is the process that is normally used to make regular london dry gin. The second step is a descending vapour infusion. A small part of the botanicals is placed in descending vapour just ahead of the condenser. Some of the vapour from the first stage condenses onto the botanicals and draws out less volatile flavour and aroma compounds. This mellows some of the sharper flavours and introduces a much richer and broader taste spectrum. 

As it leaves the still, this gin has a delicate golden colour and a wonderful bouquet of aromas.  The final stage in the process is the secret to the recipe I am going to keep to myself. 

The end result is unique but familiar, rich but mellow, dry but sweet, and earthy but floral. Golden gin rewards patience and consideration. It creates an interesting variation on classic gin cocktails. But I believe it is best enjoyed without accompaniment. I prefer to drink it over ice, some people prefer it slightly diluted with water or soda. There is quite a lot of subtlety and depth to the flavours of this gin. These Gins shown above are the first of a new line of 40% products we are introducing.  

Each has a distinctive production process and list of botanicals that creates the unique taste profile. 


Promotion event in Vancouver

Chris and our Still Master Ian at a BC Distillers

promotion event at the PNE in Vancouver


The Beginnings of our Tasting Room


Four of our liqueurs.

Our liqueurs Cinnamon, Mint, Lemon, Lime,
Orange and others are made from the finest line of botanicals available. They are all available in 200 ml bottles in our liquor store.

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